Book Review

I’m am going to challenge myself to do some book reviews. Perhaps I’ll reserve Wednesdays for it. Since today just happens to be Wenesday, here’s my first review. It’s a picture book!

This week I would like to discuss the book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. This book is special to me to because it’s a book that both my boys love to read over and over and over and… They are quite fond of this one and now want their own Knuffle Bunny despite the fact that they each have their own special stuffy. Also, it is one of the first books they learned to “read” by memorizing it. (Here’s the 7 year old, when he was 3, reading it)

Trixie is young girl who has not yet learned to use words. She goes to the laundromat with her daddy and proceeds to help. “Then they left” and chaos ensues. It isn’t until Trixie and her daddy get home that Trixie’s mom solves the problem.

Any child who has a special stuffy will easily relate to Trixie and Knuffle Bunny. Perhaps that’s why I like it. My special stuffy, Timmy Bunny, is 35 years old as is my DW’s Scruffy Bear. I also enjoy that she is with her daddy doing laundry. Though it is mommy who is smart enough to figure out why Trixie is having a melt down. The illustrations consist of cartoon-ish character set against black and white photos of downtown sites. The cover illustration is exactly what you’ll find throughout the book.

I think most parents will connect on a personal level with this book and highly recommend it to anyone with or expecting kids.

Next week’s review will be my favorite historical fiction book.

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