My Alter Ego (Slightly Inflated)

For the past two Halloweens, I dressed as “Superdad”. All night our seven and three year olds called me “Superdad” when they wanted my attention. My ego gained 10 pounds that night.

Things seem to be changing.
For the better.
I was provided the opportunity the past four months to be a stay home dad. I’ve loved every minute of it. Mind you, I equally miss being in the classroom teaching. Staying home as allowed me to play a part stereotypically given to women. I see this when I take our three year old to play group (and occasionally tumblebugs, when it wasn’t cancelled). Moms. It was always moms at the playgroups. Except the past couple years another dad showed up at playgroup with his daughter. Then another dad brought his daughter to tumblebugs.

One day, there was only one mom at tumblebugs with THREE dads!

In just everyday life of getting groceries, running errands, the odd occasion eating out, I’m seeing more and more dads taking an active role. We’re good for more than playing and disciplining. We cook, clean (in my case it’s more like tidying), and herd the kids to bed. The teacher in me appreciates seeing other dads at parent/teacher night at school, too.

Anyway, what made me think of all this (besides seeing the other dad at playgroup) were the commercials on TV. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I notice the commercials are slightly different. Sure they’re still advertising Tide and Cheerios. However, they’re doing it slightly differently. The tide commercials now feature DADS! They’re either with the mom or on their own, but they are showing doing or helping with the laundry. There’s even one with two men (albeit, not dads) discussing the laundry. And there’s Cheerios. 

My blog site is called “All in a Dad’s Work” because it is how I dad.

How do you dad?
How does your dad dad?
How does your children’s dad dad?

P.S. There would be no Superdad without a Supermom! XOXO


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