From Us to You

We’re just two days away from Christmas morning. We have two very excited boys nearly bouncing off the walls. It’s tough to not get carried away with them.

Woody and Elfis will make their final appearance of this Christmas season tomorrow. At bedtime on Christmas Eve the boys get to touch their elves. They hug them and kiss them good night and bid them farewell till next year. It makes me a bit sad to see them go, too. The boys love to see what antics the elves get up to. They squeal with laughter that is so fun to hear. Partly because it’s so fun to hear their excitement and partly because it makes me sad to see them sad. Today, the two elves were zip lining across the kitchen and when we weren’t looking, would move to a new spot or pose on the line. The boys were constantly checking and giving us update on their movement. I guess it could be equated to NORAD.

 Anyway, I hope you wake to freshly fallen snow. Put on the Christmas music. Gather your family round the tree with its ornaments dangling and its lights twinkling. Sip your hot chocolate/tea/coffee and bask in the excitement that opening gifts brings. Forget the mess. Forget your worries and your troubles and enjoy this magical day. Here’s to you and your loved ones, from all of us. Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year brings, peace, love, joy, good health and lots of wealth!

P.S. For all you folks with kids, I pray your day won’t start too too early!


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