Woody and Elfis


 As I said earlier, our Elf gets his own post.
Three years ago an elf came to our house to watch over Crash and Bang and report their behavior and attitudes to Santa.
 Well, this year I need say our ELVES. Yes, our faithful shelf elf Woody brought along a friend to help keep watch. His first night here, we didn’t settle on a name. He was called Chuckles, Elfie, Elvis, and Elfis. His second day brought instruction to name him and he became Elfis. Now every time I see him all I can think of is “Blue Christmas“.

Now every time I wake up in the morning I get that panicked “Oh shit, did I move the elves”? Though, after 3 years it’s becoming more of a habit to move them. Like Pavlov’s dogs (and a good hubby) I’ve been trained (mostly).

Sometimes, they bring stuff back from Santa. Like letters. Or Christmas tree ornaments. Or a nice and naughty list (which only the elves have control over). Or, like a few mornings ago, pajamas to wear for their yearly Christmas picture (that’ll be tomorrow’s post). Things they were going to get anyway, merely made magical since they were delivered by their elf.

Of course, our elves are creative and enjoy a good Christmas prank now and then (this lands them on their own naughty list). It’s fun to see Elf on the Shelf spoofs and all the fun others have with their elves.

Some people think it’s creepy. We think its entertaining to see our kids excitement and enjoy the “magic” of the elves because there will come a day when there is no more magic. Awe, who am I kidding… they’ll believe in the magic forever because they know the consequences for not believing (like me)!



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