Blueberries for Christmas

I wrapped some Christmas presents this evening. And I got to thinking how the season took hold of me a little earlier than usual. Our red and green Christmas count down chain began at 42 sleeps. It went up one side of the door frame, across, and down the other side. Now it is simply the length of the door. Christmas morn draws near. Icicle lights hang from the front eave. Santa and the snowman adorn the front doorstep. Colorful lights twinkle in the window. However, all this pales in comparison to the tree that blocks the TV from 2 viewing spots. Raised by me, ornamented by the kids, it stands honorably, proudly, patiently waiting for the Eve of the Jolly Ol’ Elf. That evening, we opened the bag which contained all of our sentimental ornaments: Christmas turtles and frogs, the homemade ones and the school-made ones, the baby’s first Christmases, even the one that glows in the dark. We opened that bag and let the kids hang them all while we fielded the questions of the stories behind each one. Yes, there are some branches that have 4 ornaments. Of course, there are vast empty spaces where there are no ornaments. But each ornament was hung with care and excitement and that makes the tree magically perfect. If we’re good, Santa will hopefully leave us toys under this magical tree

However, if we’re bad, he’ll bring us coal. But how do you explain that Santa will bring coal to bad boys and girls to 3 year old who thinks coal is fun? The original conversation went something like this:
Me: What do you want Santa to bring you?
3 year old: A cement truck!
Me: What’s he going to bring you if you’re bad?
3 year old: I dunno.
Me : Coal.
3 year old: What’s coal?
Me: It’s what Nova Scotia burns to make electricity. Do you want that?
3 year old: Yeah!
Me: Never mind. He won’t bring coal. He’ll bring you blueberries. Do you want blueberries?
3 year old: No. Blueberries are gross.
So now Santa bring blueberries to our house if you’re bad. His older brother is okay with that because he likes blueberries. 
This is also our 4th year with that ever careful watcher, Woody, the elf on the shelf, and in the tree, in the fridge, in the freezer, in the china dishes and in the curtains, and into mischief. This year, he brought along a friend… Elfis. But that’s a whole other post because I have to go see if they’ve moved to new spots yet!
I hope you find this holiday season as merry as I do this year!

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