Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!
Accompanied by Super Mario and Jake – The Neverland Pirate, we went off in search of tricks and treats. We started in Louisdale and visited 3 special places there. Then it was back into town for a quick supper and off to visit some more around the Hawk. We did well… a large recycling bag is 1/2 full! I say we because of the candy tax, of course. All that gas and time to take them out will cost them chips and chocolate. And as tempting as it is, we probably won’t pull the Jimmy Kimmel trick. I am seriously impressed by the effort some put into handing out candy to strangers. Special treat bags for kids they know. Unique gifts like a bird house. And the tons of chips and chocolate. We don’t get many kids in our corner of town. The house to candy ratio isn’t all that great. But we visited the houses on our street and managed to gather a decent load! We had Periwinkle join us on our trip up our street and Crash and Bang were very excited to have her join us.

I want to apologize for anyone’s house we didn’t make it to. The kids wanted to go to EVERY house, of course. But by 7:00 I was about to make our wee little pirate walk the plank and Super Mario had lost his star power. Now to keep them from eating all today.

P.S. Yes, I sent my minions kids out in costume to collect candy for me.

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