The Visitors

  •  Crash had no idea Nana and Pop Pop were coming for a visit. As you can see, he was just a little bit excited. He jumped off the bus! The bus driver was about to say something to him about that. Then he realized what was happening. I was so happy we could surprise because SO many times I just wanted to tell him (or I nearly slipped and almost accidentally told him).


  • They brought birthday gifts with them. Crash got his a bit early since his birthday is in July. He went nuts when he saw his Skylanders bike. He has a 12″ bike he can ride just fine. He has a 20″ bike that was given to him as a hand me down from our “across the street neighbor”. But it’s too big for him. His Skylanders bike is 16″ and perfect. It took him a few days to get used to it. He had to ride his little bike for a bit then ride the new one to build his confidence. Also, his training wheels were a hindrance. Once we took them off, off he went!
  •  We got in a couple games of Marbles. Girls 1; Boys 1. It don’t mean boo ’till you win two. It still don’t mean boo.


Me and My Three Dads
  • We spent Sunday at the Cottage on the lake. It was Father’s Day and we were celebrating Bang’s 2nd birthday a day early. It was quite a feast… burgers, sausages, mussels, lobster, etc…  Then there was ice cream cake for dessert! Nom nom nom.


  •  Crash learned to climb tree. Now we can’t keep him out of it. Especially since I showed him he can climb nearly to the top!
  • Bang is Nana’s buddy. She would ask him “Are you Nana’s buddy?” He’d repeat “Nana’s buddy”. She’s then ask him “Are you Nana’s Sugar-pie?” And he would tell her “No sugar-pie” every time! We have no idea what he has against sugar-pie, but he wanted no part of it.


Nana and Crash w/Greasy Hands


  •  Nana and Crash made bread. He helped dump in the ingredients and knead the bread. Before they began kneading though, they slathered their hands with vegetable shortening. It was definitely Cash’s favorite part. Even better: the bread turned out AWESOME!


  •  Crash was so excited to have Nana and Pop Pop here. However, that was in part because they drove up in their Explorer. It has a DVD player in it. Nanny and Pop live three houses up the road from us. Crash wanted to drive to their house so he could watch a movie on the way! Needless to say, we all chuckled at that.
Yay! It’s My Birthday!
  •  Bang’s birthday was on Monday. It was great having my parents here for it. He also had some neighbor friends over and everyone had a blast! Pizza and Superstore cupcake cake!


  • My parents had typical Cape Breton weather. They were here for 6 days and it rained for three of them! One day it was rainy and sunny at the same time. Although they live in Maryland and it gets 27-35 degrees C (80- 95+) our 18C felt the same. The sun is hotter up here. The farther north you go, the closer to the sun you get or something!



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