My Reading Buddies

They catch me reading all the time. It’s about time I caught them. If I’ve nothing else as a parent, I’ve at least taught them to read (well, it’s a work in progress and it’s progressing very quickly). Crash is about to turn 6, just about finished his first year of school and he’s reading books at the 2nd and 3rd grade level. It amazes me how many words he knows. He’s about to finish his 2nd Magic Treehouse book. He read them cover to cover. He’s a sponge! Bang (is a week from turning 2) is following in his footsteps. He has his favorite Thomas’s ABC book and Freight Train board book. He’s got them memorized. He knows all his letters (at least he does in his Thomas the Tank Engine book) and he has Freight Train memorized. When life seems too overwhelmed, when he’s over-stimulated we escape to his room to read some books so he can pull himself back together. Crash was like that, too. Yesterday, Crash asked if we could go to the library after school today. Be still my heart! He wanted “Harold and the Purple Crayon” (it’s classified as “too easy” for him, but hey, it’s a great book about a boy with an awesome imagination!). He also found another favorite “The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man“. It’s also one of my favorite. Very clever book.

Okay, I’m done bragging now. I just wanted to say that I’ve taught/am teaching my kids to read.
Start early, but it’s never too late.

4 thoughts on “My Reading Buddies

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    March Back Monday? Sure, just an excuse to dig up an old post and have a post for today. It was “one of those days and I’m off to get some ice cream because we deserve it. The kids are still alive!.

    Here’s one from June 2013. You might notice how young Crash and Bang are. I caught them reading together on the stairs. This may be the only time this has happened. They still enjoy reading. They still read every day (or we read to them). Teaching kids to read is as important as feeding them.


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