Big Fans and Frisbee Golf

I enjoy taking Bang out for a run… no, not like I would a K9. He was in his jogging stroller. It was our usual 10k out and back. He loves it because he gets to see train tracks, trains, and trucks and “big fans” (I did not tell him to call them that… he came up with that on his own!). Well today it was particularly windy. Windier than usual here on Cape Breton Island, anyway. All afternoon after the run he kept looking outside and telling me “Windy. Big fan.” I can only assume he’s letting me know it’s windy because someone turned the big fans on. When his mom got home from work I got him to tell her what it’s like outside and right on cue he told her “windy”. I asked him why it’s so windy and as if we rehearsed it he told her “big fan”.  Needless to say we both got a good chuckle out of that.

On another note… I was outside playing with Crash and he tossed me a Frisbee. So, of course, I tossed it back to him. He nearly caught it and his excitement took over from there. He tried and he tried and he tried until he finally caught it (I showed how catch it “alligator style” by clapping his hands together). He was so proud of himself. Since he was so excited to play Frisbee I decided to teach him to play Frisbee Golf. He’s hooked. We’d pick an object in our backyard and start throwing the Frisbee to see who could hit said object with the fewest throws… the shed, a tree, a power pole, random pipes sticking out of the ground, swing set/slide. Not only did he love it but it saved me from having to chase his Frisbee on every errant throw! Win, win!

Lastly, I’ve got to give a shout out to my friend Gabe. I didn’t even know he was blogging! He’s on his way to Africa on a big boat (I’m presuming he’s NOT looking for Curious George OR the Lost Temple of Zagawa). But after reading his blog and wondering how he got the layout and design he has (I really liked it) I finally figured out how to change my own! Thanks Gabe and happy travels!


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