10 Reasons Why My Sons are Laughing

So I wrote about situations that will cause Bang to cry. He’s 22 months. I’ll forgive him for now. If he’s still like that when he’s 18 we’ll have a chat. But he’s not always like that. 90% of the time he’s a happy baby, like his big “bubba” Crash. So in all fairness I will write about the things that make them laugh…

1) Tickling. They both are absolutely ticklish on every part of their body. And they love to be tickled.

2) Peek-a-boo. I put a sheet or blanket over them then lift it up quickly, holler BOO and let it settle down over them again and repeat. The static makes their hair stand on end.

3) Snark. The run laughing from the Snark. It’s just a goofy sound that Wifey taught me (and she learned it from her brother Kevin). The best I can describe is a loud, short snore. That sound coupled with pinchy tickle fingers sends them running and laughing.

4) The tub. Pretty much anything to do with water – splashing, pouring, spraying, dunking, etc… I left Bang in the tub for 12 seconds on evening. Upon returning, but before entering, I hear water pouring on the floor then hysterical laughter… right from toes kind of laugh. I enter to see him using the big blue pitcher to pour his bath water onto the bathmat. It took 4 bath towels to clean the water off the floor.

5) Trampolining. They both love the trampoline. They both laugh like crazy when they get “popcorned”. They sit (or lay) and I bounce them. Or running. They run with arms stretched backwards like F-14 Tomcat wings until they fall down.

6) Spinning. They hold my hands standing facing me then I spin. As soon as their feet leave the ground they start laughing. Of course, when I stop spinning and we finish walking like we’re drunk they ask for more more more.

7) In the tub, Crash will get a mouth full of water and spit it at Bang. Usually it gets him on his chest or belly. Sometimes Bang gets a face full. Either way he’ll laugh hysterically. Losing his breath kind of laugh. We also play the “Cold Water Game”. I get a cup full of cold water (as cold as the tap can make it) and start spilling it on them. The scramble to get out of the way. It hits them and they squeal with laughter.

8) Farts. They’re boys (but even if they were girls), farts are funny. Hilarity is measured by aroma… the stinkier/louder/longer it is, the funnier it is.

9) Absolutely ridiculous things… banging on a door to keep it from closing, smashing dinkies (matchbox cars) together, jumping on the bed, running down a hill while saying “ahhhhh” so their voice bounces… I suppose all things kids should find funny!

https://www.youtube.com/v/i3PpQRIzGik?version=3&f=user_uploads&c=google-webdrive-0&app=youtube_gdata10) Okay, so number 10 isn’t about them. It’s about what Bang does that makes me laugh.

Laughter is the BEST medicine!


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