20 Reasons Why My Son’s Crying?

I saw this once and thought it was hilarious. Since imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, I thought I’d make my own…

1) He wants to go outside

2) It’s time to come inside for supper.

3) He’s not allowed to have Cheesies (I was in the process of making supper).

4) Because I’m changing his diaper.

5) I put his milk in the wrong cup.

6) I have no idea why.

7) The garbage truck won’t drive by our house (it comes on Tuesdays and it’s now Wednesday).

8) His banana broke in half.

9) I won’t read “Toolbox Trouble” until he gets his pajamas on.

10) The T.V. is on.

11) I’m snuggling him on the couch instead off the puff (giant beanbag chair filled with shredded        

12) I’m upstairs or in the bathroom and didn’t bring him with me.

13) He is in the barbershop to get his haircut.

14) He’s not allowed to put shoes in the hamper.

15) I won’t let him flush a whole roll of toilet paper.

16) I tried to help him with his coat, shoes or pants (putting on or taking off)

17) I put ketchup on his hamburger.

18) He has to hold my hand while walking across the street.

19) His Cozy Coupe isn’t cooperating (fell over, got stuck, etc..)

20) I helped him out of his high chair when he wanted mom to help.

20 Reasons Why My Son’s Laughing soon to follow!

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