Different Kind of Dad

I like to think I’m a different kind of dad.
No, not better. Just different.
And different is good.

I love to be highly involved with our two li’l dudes. That’s probably just the teacher in me.

Now, when I say “highly involved” I don’t mean I’m with them, holding their hand, instructing them  every 8 seconds and protecting them from every danger.  I love playing with them and watching their imaginations take flight.  I love providing them with new things to learn and watching the “ah ha” moments. Of course, it’s easier with Bang, he’s only 22 months. He memorizes his picture book. He loves “Freight Train” by Donald Crews. He finishes the sentences and knows the colors. We’re working on the counting part. But when Crash (5) reads a book and he can read assistant, experiment and other big words, I feel the same joy.

We play your normal games like hide and seek and tag and with toys. The real fun comes when we make up a game. Then we get to make up the rules, too. We learned fast to make the rules fit our needs. If you’re allowed to use your hands, then I’m allowed to use the pool noodle (I think that was from a variation of soccer). We jump on the trampoline. We go running. Crash can run a mile in 14 minutes (though he usually gets bored at a 1/2 mile). Bang walked a mile and three quarters.

I take Bang to playgroup. There’s usually one other dad there. (Though I didn’t go today because of work)

So I’m involved. Whoopee.

I also love to cook. I try to find a new recipe at least once a week. It usually ends up being every other week, of course. But I try. Today I made :

It’s a cross between potpie and dumplings. The kids loved it. Which is where I have to be careful. I tried a taco bake once… they wouldn’t touch it because it was too spicy.  Otherwise, I’m proud of them. They eat their fruit and veggies. They actually ASK for them! Though Bang wouldn’t eat much if we didn’t mix into mashed potatoes – chicken, fish, burger, pork, veggies… all of it gets mixed in.
I clean. Not thoroughly. If it needs a deep cleaning, then Wifey will have to do that 😛 (Love you, babe!). But I clean… sweep, vacuum, dishes, toys, the bathroom. Like the someecard® says, cleaning with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.
I do laundry. I’ve even gotten a bit particular about it. Shirts need to be folded with the picture facing OUT (dear Wifey likes to fold them with the picture IN… and I don’t complain because I’m thankful when she helps, but I do fix it).
I change poopy diapers. I wipe poopy bums.
I bathe the kids. I like to bathe them together. It seems to save time and it’s more fun, though I’d get less wet if I just got in with them.
I put kids to bed.
I make lunches.
I do a lot. But it’s not so much that I do it, as it is that I help do it. Wifey does all of this, too.


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