Mr. Independant

How can I tell him no he can’t do something when I totally want to do it myself?

He was invited to a birthday party, but not just any old birthday party. They went for lunch at Pizza Delight (where they also celebrated the birthday girl’s birthday with presents and cake) then to the movies to watch The Croods and eat more treats! I’m so jealous of him right now it’s not fit. I can’t even remember the last movie I saw in the theater. Anyway, it’s an hour and half drive just to get there and he was getting picked up at noon with 3 other friends and the birthday girl’s parents drove them up. Crash has been with sitters before. He’s ever only gone without us in another vehicle with his grandparents. Needless to say we were a bit nervous (not about the parents taking him. Them we trust.) We were nervous about him going out with us there to keep tabs on him. We were being tested.

As it turns out he’s better behaved for other people than he is for us (isn’t that always the case?). They took two cars because neither of their car can fit 6 people and Crash rode home in a different car with a different friend then the one he rode to the party with. He couldn’t have cared less about the change! He had so much fun and was so well behaved… I couldn’t have denied him this experience just because I had an insecurity or two. Which makes me think, how often do I say no simply because I’m insecure about something. Have I denied him an worthy experience simply because I was afraid of the risks involved? Heck, how many opportunities have I let slip past simply because of a perceived risk? You better believe I’ll be taking a closer look at my decision making process now. I’ll start with my decision to go to bed now since it’s 11:00pm and kids don’t believe in weekends.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Independant

    • HA! I had forgotten all about this one 🙂 Thanks! He did have a lot of fun. So we’re glad we allowed him to go. Plus it was nice knowing the birthday girl was allowed to take 5 friends and Crash was one.


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